Saturday, May 25, 2013

Girly Girl

Yesterday was a looong day.  We traveled from Hohhot to Guangzho, and it was only a 3 hour flight, but....a flight with a 2 year old that has never been in a seat belt of any kind.  We don't even fly with our bio kids when they're 2! When Grayson was a baby Eric made the rule that the Newberry clan would never fly again until everyone could pull their own carry on.  Spring break 2012 was the first we took them all on a flight.  Because they could all pull their rolling backpacks.  We're also traveling with lots of bags.  I only have to pack up the house one more time though!!

Ella was actually pretty good on the flight.  Only a few fits.  Some things just are not negotiable.  Like a seatbelt on a very turbulent flight.  She is figuring out that I do have some boundaries! Thankfully she fell asleep for 1 1/2 hours.  We landed and our guide met us at the airport.  This is the guide that has been responsible for planning our entire trip.  He handles all of the documentation here during the process before we arrive and while we are here.  Richard also found Ella for us when she had been moved from the orphanage to foster.  He speaks very good English and he's been doing this for so long that he just "gets" it.  I wanted to kiss him I was so happy to see him! 

Our hotel is amazing again.  It's very westernized in Guangzho and there is alot to do here.  We have a starbucks and pizza hut across the street too! There are several restaurants and shopping-I think we'll survive the last week!  Guangzho is where all of the American families come to do the US paperwork so there are alot of families here in the same boat we're in.  The best part? Our friends from Beijing are here and they have the same guide as we do (Richard works for 2 agencies, ours and theirs).  Yay!! We were so happy to see them and meet their little boy, Isaac.  We met other families too-one from Flower Mound, TX-but Dan and Jodi became family!  God definitely put us 4 together because it has made the trip so much better! We will have so much fun this week and it will help pass the time.  I miss my babies at home!

This morning was Ella's medical exam.  The US requires the exam before leaving China.  It's a bit of a joke but it works.  Actually, it was very well run and we were in and out in an hour.  There were 2 other families in our group.  One of them adopted 22 month old twin girls! Yikes! The news team showed up with their cameras on gotcha day.  Apparently they were a big deal here when they were abandoned 12 weeks preemie.  The family had no idea until that day everything that had transpired with these little ones.  There is a mom here adopting a 10 year old with CP.  She is traveling alone and this is her 6th adoption from China.  I am so happy there are people that can open up their lives that much to do this multiple times and with older, more serious special needs.  Her daughter is precious.  During her medical exam she had a seizure so we were there about an extra hour until they would release her.  Richard and Eric helped carry her to the van and we'll all be checking up on her.  I admire her-I would be freaking out by now-I know my limits.

Ella did so good at the medical exam.  They took her to another room to do a blood draw for the TB test and she came out without a tear.  She even smiled at me when they handed her back to me.  Other kids came out screaming and screamed for a while.  Sadly, she is probably used to being poked and prodded.

She is attaching to Eric now.  She reaches for him and wants his kisses and hugs him tight like she does with me.  I, again, am so thankful.  A few families we've seen today are having some serious attachement issues and I know it must be so sad for them.  Overall, we are so so blessed with Ella and how well she is doing.  We've only had her 6 days and it seems like she's been with us so much longer than that.  When the boys facetime her, she lifts her shirt to show her tummy EVERY time, and she blows kisses or kisses the screen.  She said "Connor" yesterday for the first time.  He is so happy that he's the first name she learned other than mama and daddy.  She knows his voice.  She wakes up with a big happy smile and she is sucking her thumb less and less.  It is very clear that she is comfortable with us and happy to be with us both.  She is saying new English words every day but a few times she's let Eric had it in her native tongue!  I'm teaching her to say "hey y'all!".  We don't say it but it sounds so cute with an Asian twist!

Last but not least-the full girly girl has emerged.  She is loving all of her bows and her shoes and we don't have any more issues getting dressed every day.  She's excited when I pull out an outfit every morning!  You'll probably see a few outfits a day this week because it is HOT.  Steamy, humid, hot like Houston.  Good thing I packed plenty.  :))

looking out of our window at the city of Hohhot
the stair case she liked to climb in Shangri La hotel, Hohhot
in front of the medical exam office
love the nurses hat...
why don't we have these in the U.S.?
should have seen all the parents trying to use the vending machine of wine after the medical exam!

streets of Guangzho-reminds me of Dallas
she found her tutu and wanted it to put it on
See what happens when I skip a day? Many more pics!


  1. Yay! I have been anxiously waiting for your new post. It's like waiting to read the next chapter of a good book!! Ella is a girly girl, so cute! I am so glad she is bonding easily with you guys. I know that has to be a big concern for all parents adopting an older child. I was worried about that with mine and he was only 7 months. Hope this last week goes quickly for you guys, sounds like it should be fun. I have heard the shopping their is great, so I know I would love it! Take care guys. I'll be waiting for the next chapter!!

  2. I read all of your posts with a huge smile on my face and a tear in my eye. I am just overflowing with joy for you and Eric. What an amazing adventure. What a wonderful chapter in your life...this time spent in China getting to know your new girl.

  3. I am so glad all is going well!!!!I love Guangzhou!!! Janie just came up to my computer and said "I want one like that tutu, the pink one" haha!!Ella is so precious, what a cutie pie she is!!!!

  4. Girly girl! I love it! She is beautiful and she radiates happiness in her pictures. Y'all are such a testimony to listening when God speaks to us. He has lead you on this amazing adventure to find the daughter he made for you. I love reading your blog and seeing her amazing little face!

  5. So happy to hear that little miss is already turning into a daddy's girl! She'll have all of her boys wrapped in no time!
    ❤ Her tutu and high tops!

  6. Oh man.... I remember the wine vending machine! I wanted to bust the glass open and grab a bottle after that appointment. So glad to hear she's doing so well! Such an answer to prayer. She sure is a cutie!