Sunday, May 26, 2013

Safari Park

Today was fun! We went to Safari Park with our group.  It's an amazing zoo but this Texas girl was HOT.  Ella had a great day again today.  Every day is better and better.  She wakes up so excited to see us and she has attached to us both.  We still see the occasional fit but she is 2 after all!  I wanted to throw a fit after a day at the safari park in 150 degree heat!  Ok, maybe it wasn't that hot.  Sure felt like it.

Ella found a way to be cooler...

She's been watching us eat with chopsticks so she wanted to give it a try-no, she did not know how to use them when we got her.  Now she wants to use them at every meal. 

Feeding the giraffe

Monkeys were swinging all over the park above our heads-pretty sure our buddy, Dan, got pegged in the head by something one of them threw down!  Of course I couldn't stop laughing!

No bow today. Too stinkin' hot.  I had mercy and took it off before we ever went thru the park.

Daddy's girl and so happy to be out of the stroller!

See the baby wrapped up in mama koala bear's arms?

lunch time

I don't know how she slept in the heat.  For real-100x more humid and hot than Houston! 

Zach and I about to take a ride on the elephant!


My favorite part of the day was riding the elephant with Zach.  We were on the way to feed the baby tiger but got sidetracked by the elephants.  The excitement on his face and Zach's giggles during the entire elephant ride was the best.  It was worth giving up the baby tiger! No language barrier here.  Just a sweet child with a huge smile on his face and the best laughter I have heard on this entire trip.  Well.  From a child anyway.  We've had quite a few laughs with our friends, Dan & Jodi.  Zach doesn't speak any English yet (except thank you), but he has the happiest disposition.  He was so happy to be at the safari park and I loved watching him and his first experience at a zoo.  Most of these kids will not remember their lives before getting a family.  Zach will.  You can see how excited he is to be with his new dad and the opportunity to be a part of a real family.  He is a little treasure. 

Even Ella knew it was bathtime when we got back to the hotel.  Did I mention it was HOT?

She poses AND she points to the camera and then herself so I will take her picture!

Look at this sweet face! Love Love Love HER!


  1. OHGodness...I LOVe Love Love her too!! What a sweet face. Loving her outfit today....too bad you can't pass that down to M! :)
    We really liked the zoo too. I remember that giraffe and his freakishly scary long tongue! I think that panda hasn't changed positions since we were there!..Lol
    6 Days and counting...

  2. So cute - and definitely the best dressed little girl on any continent!! Saw Connor at church - he said, "One more week." Can't wait to see pics of the boys with her! :)


  4. that last pic ohhhhh my word she is tooooooo cute!!!!

  5. I love that she wants her picture taken! Look out! Jennifer, she is beautiful & precious - I am so glad you finally got her! Can't wait to see her with all the brother you've got for her at home!


  6. What a little doll she is!!! Ivhave said that from the very 1st pic you should me of her...but I think she just keeps becoming more of a cutie pie everyday! Must be the joy with in her that is making her sweet little face glow!! Can't wait to see her with her big brothers! ♥