Saturday, May 18, 2013

Texas-how could I forget?

More on the visit to the home of the artist. It was the coolest experience. His family is considered very wealthy. They have a large courtyard surrounded by 4 buildings. One building is his studio, one building belongs to his mother in law, one for his son, and the last for he and his wife. The pigeon cages (remember they are competition pigeons) are on top of one of the buildings, so while sitting in the courtyard, tiny bird feathers were flying around and we could hear the pigeons. Shellee-you would have been terrified! He is also in the process of adding a second floor to one of the buildings-apparently not very common in China. It reminded me of the Mr. Miyagi's home in The Karate Kid. I was waiting for a little "wax on...wax off"!

Now, if you know us, it is no secret I am a Texan and Eric grew up in Oklahoma. We claim him as a Texan because he has lived in Texas almost as many years as he did in OK. He grew up an OU fan and he has made our boys OU fans as well. I grew up cheering for the Longhorns but a house divided was just too confusing and I didn't go to UT so it was easier just to join the boys. So how funny is it that we visit a home in China, and in the entry way on a tree stand is a Texas Longhorn hat??? He noticed it right away and I had to get a picture. What are the odds?? So funny! Also, it's no secret that Eric's accent is WAAAY more Texan than mine. I noticed throughout the day that people would stop and look at us but I didn't think much of it. Finally a few people were brave enough to ask him where he is from. HAHA! Apparently they are stopping to listen to him talk. Cracking me up that he is drawing so much attention. I can only imagine what it will be like when we get to Hohhot-they do not see as many Americans there like they do in Beijing.

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