Sunday, May 26, 2013


I didn't get time to post yesterday afternoon's events.  Richard took all of us to Trust-Mart (owned by Walmart), to buy any supplies we needed.  Eric NEVER goes to Walmart on a Saturday.  One thing we learned-Walmart on Saturday in China is the same as Walmart on Saturday at home.  Oh-there are a few minor differences.  Like chicken flavord Pringles.  Yuck! The baskets roll sideways too-not sure why?? Anyway, pictures are worth a thousand words...

ok I could go on but that's enough-you get it!
Meanwhile next door...beautiful little ballerinas


  1. I KNOW your bringing me back some chicken flavored Pringles!!

    1. You won't eat eggs but you'll eat chicken flavored Pringles?? EWWW!

  2. Humph. I would try them. I sometimes eat eggs just not enough to support my chicken habit.

  3. Trust Mart didn't have the prawn flavored Lays?!? What a shame! And yes I have eaten them!

    Oh the shopping carts move sideways so that you can move out of the way if someone is needing by. Most of the stores I've seen around the world are like that. I know a few HEBs and Targets that could use them here!

  4. Prawn flavored Lays? Coco and I will try those too.