Thursday, May 30, 2013

Consulate Appointment

We survived the consulate appointment! We had Ella all dressed in her red, white, and blue for American day but alas, no photos.  We swore under oath to take good care of our soon to be newest American citizen. You aren't allowed to take cameras inside and our guide kept our camera to get a pic when we came out but mama was done.  Ella was great and it only lasted about an hour, but we had another family with us and honestly, I was just ready to get back to the hotel!  The wheels were falling off of their bus and it wasn't looking like a great day for them!  It's ok-I have lots of pictures from the last two weeks! So now we just wait for her visa to get delivered tomorrow afternoon and we begin our long journey toward home.  We are soooo ready to hug our boys! I know they are ready too.  I'm pretty sure they're ready to get their hands on little sis-she's the only one they want to face time with when we call!

Jodi & I left the kids with the dads and went back to Shamain island for a few more gifts.  It was a nice get away and I wrapped up my shopping.  As were leaving a store, the owner of the store asked us to please go back to America and tell our friends that there are so many orphans that need a family.  She thanked us for adopting the children and again asked for us to please use the internet to let people know the kids need homes.  Broke my heart.  She said she would love to help a child but it is very hard in China to have more than one child, and she has a 9 year old boy.  We take for granted all of our priveleges in America.   The Chinese people have very little control over their lives.  I just can't imagine living the way they do.  Eric and I have learned so much while we've been here.  We soaked in as much as we could so that we can share it with Ella one day when she asks.  As for today, I am just thankful to be bringing her home to a family and a better life.  I am thankful that she will have the oppurtunity to make her own choices and be anything she wants to be.  I am so very thankful that she will worship God.  Not many gods. 

Now look out family and friends at home-because sister is a little Mongolian FIRECRACKER!

her favorite party trick-one of many-hope she outgrows it! lol
she loves to pack things in bags-this kept her entertained for about 20 minutes!
before our consulate appointment-half dressed without a bow-have no idea where it was! her orneriness probably took it out when she saw the camera!

look out world!
she poses for the camera now-she actually points to the camera and then herself so I will take her picture! I'm telling you-we are in trouble with this one!


  1. She feels comfortable and loved enough to be herself! And she had 3 brothers to keep up with, no time for meekness. Can't wait to see you all and hug your necks. The boys are counting half days now, we are so close!

  2. Can. Not. Wait. Have I mentioned that??

  3. ummmmm She is just to cute!!!!! Praying you have safe travels home!!!!!