Tuesday, May 28, 2013

One More Time

Ella has learned "one more time!"  She uses it alot!

Look at this sweetness! This cup was fun until she learned how to take the straw in & out!
She started the evening with a pink bow on her dress and the pink headband.  When she got mad at me, she would chew on the pink bow & try to rip it off of her dress.  So I took it off and we were left with just a plain, simple, yellow and white chevron.  :))

"one more time"
This is what she does when we have to carry the stroller up or down the stairs-she knows I'm going to grab the front of it so she moves her legs!
 The gang headed out to an Italian dinner-it was delicious! We may go again tonight!
Eric checking out the competition!
Yeah! Happy girl!
Just to keep it real-we may have seen this face a few times!


  1. Love the dress du jour!...with and without the pink bow..lol!
    Wish we would've known about a good italian place! Dang!..We would've eaten there every day!
    Just a few more days!!!

  2. Who eats Italian in China? Weird. Also are her tonsils swollen? Her uvula looks enlarged. We are counting the days till we are all united.

  3. Remind me to be very careful when wrapping Jen's Christmas gift this year! Those bows can be tricky!