Thursday, May 16, 2013

We made it! We had a great flight in business class-thankful for the friends that hooked us up with points because OH MY did it make a difference! It was kind of nice to recline, watch movies, and take naps whenever I wanted to! I'm not sure that I've had 14 straight hours to do nothing for a long time!! We are about to meet our guide and start touring Beijing. It was late at night when we arrived so we didn't see much. Excited to see alot today. We are headed out to the Forbidden City and possibly a Chinese acrobatic show this morning. 3 more days.....


  1. Can't wait to hear about your day today! Glad y'all got some sleep and are rested and ready to climb that wall! Brooks and Gage have been joined at the hip and loving every second. Sand/ splash park tomorrow...they can't wait! The next playgroup we'll have our newest sweet girl with us! Countdown is ON!!! :)

  2. Whooo hooooo, could you still hear Di,Jenn and me in the back talking and laughing??? We teased Diana mercilessly about her having to travel coach with us!!! I CANNOT wait to see pics of your sweet baby!!!!