Tuesday, May 28, 2013


We went with shopping today with Ann from Red Thread.  She lives in Guangzho, and she is very popular with American families.  When we sent packages to Ella while she was in the orphanage, we sent them thru Ann and she would be able to get updated pictures of her.  She took us to buy silk dresses and wedding pearls for Ella.  We chose the pearls we wanted and the ladies strung them while we waited.  They tied a knot in the string between each pearl, and then attached a clasp. It was so interesting to watch!

Ann is selecting wedding quality pearls
Stringing the pearls
Ready to go out again! 
happy, happy, happy 
Ann picked out a necklace that Ella can wear now.  Yes, it's real pearls, but lesser quality than her wedding pearls.  $8 US Dollars! Crazy what the mark up is in the US for pearls!
another semi-successful dinner with two kids one week out of the orphanage!!

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  1. She looks behind happy with her pearls on! Looks like you've for an accessorizer on your hands!! I say it once again... The girls are going tol have a ball together!! Countdown.. 3 days!:)