Monday, May 27, 2013

Shamain Island & Squeaky Shoes

Today was a trip to Pearl River and Shamain Island.  It was gorgeous! Still hot, but beautiful and quiet.  There were so many photoshoots taking place.  Here the bride and groom take their photos like we do bridal portraits.  I was cracking up because the grooms had the same look on their faces as American grooms would.  Like "it's hot and I'm dressed in a tux-how much longer???!".  We did a little souvenier shopping, grabbed a Coke for lunch, and then came back to the hotel to hang.  We also tested the benadryl today-worked like a charm.  I wanted to make sure before the 14 hour flight in a few days that it doesn't work the opposite on little miss.  Today we've had Ella for one week.  It seems like so much longer than a week!  She is doing amazingly well.  Last night at dinner she decided to get picky and refused the rice we had ordered for her! I'd say she's very comfortable with us!  We have seen so many amazing things, I just can't put all of the pictures on the blog.  It would take HOURS.  We miss our boys terribly, but thankfully we are enjoying our time in China too.
Inside the mall at Pearl River Market

A bride & groom I think-love the balloons
A local artist, Mr. Wang, making Ella's "chop", a stamp with her name in English & Chinese characters.  They use these for their signatures. 
Another ADA approved ramp.  See the shop owner helping?  lol
Ella's chop.  It has a rabbit on top because she was born in the year of the rabbit.
Squeaky shoe mecca.  This lady has been working here for 23 years.  She gave me the price and told me there is a discount for adoptive families.  We both said "how'd you know??"!  Eric actually said "how'd you know I was adopted?"  haha.  They loved little princess.  The squeaky shoes in America come from their factory.  So thankful I found them because Ella needed some sandals & I haven't been able to get her in any I brought.  Her pink ruffly socks were getting smelly! haha!!
She was so excited when Eric walked her in and she saw all of the shoes.  She started taking hers off!
Of course she won them over.  They kept telling us how beautiful she is.
Isn't this beautiful?
Really...does this need explaining?????
Not sure what kind of shoot this is, but I thought she was so pretty.  There was a professional shoot going on too.  We could tell with all of the vans, wardrobe changes, and the video monitor to check the shots.  I'll be looking for those guys in Vogue magazine...
The famuous Pearl River
Shamain Island
Thank the Lord we found a show she will watch!!!!
Not sure where she learned what a cell phone is all about but sister's got it! She walked around for a good 30 minutes talking to someone!
More phone time
So a big tour group gets off of their bus, this guy heads straight to Eric and asks him where he's from.  Do y'all even have a clue what it's like traveling with Mr. & Miss Draws Attention???  haha! Cracks ME UP.  Turns out, this guy is from Poland!  He said "aww, cowboy hats!!!" when Eric told him he's from Texas.  He'll probably go tell his friends he met a true Texan.  Another funny thing about today-our guide, Richard, had a tshirt on that said "cow tippin' in Oklahoma"!


  1. Aahh...the squeeky shoes!! I think that's where we got all of M's too! Isn't Shaiman Island neat? It reminds me of New Orleans! It's looking like MIss E is getting more and more comfortable every day~so awesomse! You can see in her eyes how happy she is...LOVE!!

  2. She's telling all her orphanage friends how lucky she is and that her family is awesome (especially Aunt Peggy). And that she hopes they all get families too.