Thursday, May 23, 2013

No More Turquoise Bow!

Well we've lost the turquoise bow AND the favorite white flower.  Today she started with a yellow bow, wore a hot pink bow all day, and ended with a light pink.  All of these were her choices.  Girly girl just wants to be in charge.  Every morning we start with the shoes-she will choose one of her two pair of squeakies-then the bow, and I scramble to find something that can kind of tie it all together.  Today was easy because she happened to pick the pink shoes instead of the green ones, and she picked a matching pink bow.  Tomorrow will possibly be a challenge because she found the turquoise shoes in the suitcase....

We were able to visit the Temple of Hohhot today.  It was very interesting and it was our lucky day because the monks had gathered in the temple to pray.  About 30 of them lined the floor and we were able to go in but I couldn't take any pictures.  They were chanting and praying and people were walking thru them (I'm assuming for blessings?).  I don't know.  It was interesting but really gave me the creeps.  We cut the visit short and got out of there.  I did manage to buy Ella a traditional Mongolian dress and hat.  It's so cute!

This afternoon we went to pick up Ella's passport. It was some type of government building with security guards.  She was very quiet the entire time-I really think she was nervous.  As much as I hate for her to feel that way, I am glad because that is another sign of attachment.  She has definetely attached to me-it gets stronger every day.  She's still making Daddy work a little bit harder for her love! She'll get there though-the main thing is that she has attached to one of us! I bet it's a complete different story by the end of next week.

Little princess peanut is a girly girl.  She watches everything I do and wants to do the same.  Chapstick, make-up, lotion.  It's very interesting considering she hasn't seen women do these things before.  She is really starting to blossom-today she was a little more challenging, but I can only imagine everything she is feeling.  Have I said she's smart?? haha! Scary smart.  Like the kind of smart that we are going to have to keep 5 steps ahead of her!

Here are the random pics of her today-I'll try to blog tomorrow but I'll have to see how the day goes.  We're flying to Guangzho and I may be done after a 3 hr flight on a little bitty plane! I just pray sister sleeps most of it!

And then there's this-

Ella didn't see my buy this today and I really bought it thinking of the future-I wanted to show her someday something traditional from her birth place.  When we came back to the room she saw the hat thru the bag and wanted to put it on.  Then she saw the dress and brought it to me.  I asked her if she wanted to wear it and she started taking off her clothes and rubbed her belly.  Apparently that was her yes! So we dressed her up and she was so proud of herself.  She kept looking at herself in the mirror and when she walked around she lifted the skirt so she wouldn't step on it.  Again, interesting.  We paraded around the hotel for a while and let her show it off.  How cute is she?
She discovered the suitcase today.  Turquoise shoes (not squeaky),  yellow bow, and pajama bottoms. There are no words needed.


  1. Sounds like she's definitely having fun with all her new girly goodies! Just wait until she gets home! I'm curious to know how many men she's been around before her dad.
    Loving the daily updates. The kids gather around the table while I make dinner and read your blog. Last night they told me to make sure and tell you that your baby is so cute. :)

  2. I love her!! She is hysterical.... Prayers for travel mercies on your "training flight!!!"

    Have fun in Guangzhou!!!!!


  3. Cracks me up!! Love reading all about her! Love the pictures, so stinkin cute!! So awesome to see her discovering her girlie things and loving them. What a blast!

  4. All I can say is HAHAHA! You have a Janie on your hands, she never ever wears what I plan!!!I'll have to start sending you pics of some of her get ups, Ella may be able to beat her though:)

  5. All I'm gonna say is go ahead and hand over your crown to the new queen bee of the house!!:) she'll be running the show over there in NO time!
    I'm loving her new bow choices.. And shoes.. And clothes...
    I think she and M will have too much fun dressing up together! Can't wait!!!

  6. I just showed brooks her pic all dressed up in her Mongolian dress and he got a huge smile on his face and said "look Gage!.. Isn't she pretty?" Proud big bro!

  7. ohhh my!!!! She is soooo precious!!!!! <3

  8. I love reading your blogs everyday to see how the day progressed...BUT....I truly love ALL the sweet pics of Ms.Princess Ella...she looks to be quite the show stopper expecially with that precious smile. She is so stinkin cute!!! Its okay if she doesn't sister use to beg my mom to make me go change into somthg that matched so she wouldn't be embarassed....that's just the carefree, creativated side in ♥

    1. The blogs are the highlight of my day! I have loved sharing all of her pictures and your latest adventures with everyone! David is sitting here with a map showing me exactly where you guys are. You have touched so many lives in more ways than you can imagine. Your story is being woven one thread at a time and I'm so thankful we have all been able to be a part of this wonderful story. Thank you for sharing your experience and lives with all of us.. Tears of joy flowing here!! Love you guys!

  9. lol...Little Missy definitely has a mind of her own! I can see who's going to rule that house of yours when you get home!! Those boys better watch out! SO cute!!

  10. She is so funny!!! What a crack up with her belly picture!! Her Mongolian outfit is so cute!