Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Another Temple

Today we visited another temple.  It had some really cool carvings made of wood, stone, and ivory. However, I am done touring! I just want to get finished and come home! 48 hours from now, we will have Ella's visa and we will be on a plane to Beijing to spend the night, and then on an American Airlines flight home!  Tomorrow morning is our American Consulate appointment and that is our last official meeting for the adoption.  Yay!

The 4 of us set out to find the Mexican restaurant, Tequila.  When we asked the hotel concierge for directions, this is the card she gave us.  Cracks me up.  Even funnier that we had to use it about 4 times before we found our destination.  Except when the hostess led us to the restaurant on the 3rd floor, it was The Italian Restuarant.  Hmmm, Takila or Italian Restaurant.  Yep, that looks like the same word on paper.  Anyhow-Italian for the 3rd night!  It was delicious though!

Little miss loves to play in her suitcase.  Today she got her purse and these pink shoes.  She's coordinating at least!
Digging more stuff out...
Carrying her bows over to me so she can choose one-except it was almost bedtime. She probably thought I'd let her stay up later if we put a bow in her hair!
 She loves her daddy now just as much as mama
Sweet girl


  1. Oh girl! That last picture is precious!! I have been reading, but having some commenting issues! UGH!! I know you are so happy to be on the last leg. It's gets so long, but what an amazing journey! Can't wait to see Little Miss bossing those boys around!!!

  2. LOVE the last pic! And the one of daddy and his little girl is pretty cute too :) Can't wait for y'all to get home!!

  3. She is the sweetest! Love her smiles and chubby cheeks! Can't wait to see her with her brothers. Safe travels, cindy