Wednesday, May 22, 2013

the many faces of Ella Joy

Today Ella woke up with a big happy smile on her face. Eric put her in our bed and she laughed and played with us both. She is definetely preferring me at nap and bedtime, but she will play with Eric and let him do things for her the rest of the day. It's normal for her to attach to one of us at a time. It's really good that she is preferring one of us over the other and it won't take her long to be closer to Eric too. If it doesn't happen here, it will happen when we're back home and she figures out he's the fun one!!

We had to work a little harder for smiles today. Our guide and driver took us to the museum today and she was CRAZY  in the van.  Every time she has been in a car, big changes have taken place.  I'm sure she was not sure what was happening today.  She was great at the museum and fell asleep in my lap on the way home-did I mention no car seats here? She slept a little while longer when we got back to our room and when she woke up she was very quiet for the afternoon.  Let's be honest-she has to be bored with us by now!  She is used to playing with lots of kids every day and we're just not that fun with the same toys and the same 4 walls every day! We have one more day here and then we're off to Guangzho.  It'll be good for her to see that she goes with us when we leave.

Eric played with her this afternoon and I have to share some of the faces he was able to get out of her.  Sister is a MESS.  The report said she likes to play games and I'm starting to understand what they meant by play games.  Ella is a firecracker-and it's only day 3.  She was almost asleep when the boys face timed us.  She sat up and grinned when she heard their voices and then she showed them her tummy.  Because that's what she does with her brothers! She finally took her baby doll and elephant lovey to bed with her and she covered the baby with the elephant lovey.  She is SMART.

Ella is a pistol and she did regress a little bit today but overall, she is doing amazingly well.  She is adorable and full of personality and she loves laughter.  Joy was the perfect name to give her because she is definetely full of joy.  We are so thankful for this little peanut.  I can't help but think about her birth mother and the joy that she will miss raising this precious girl.  I believe in my heart that she couldn't afford her medical care and abandoned her outside the orphange walls hoping for a chance at life.  I have asked our guides questions regarding the orphans and one child policy and I have learned so much more than I already knew.  It's a life that I can't even fathom and yet, they feel their lives are good because it is better than it was 5 years ago and their parents lives were so much harder.  I am just thankful to live in America and have the freedom of choice.  I am even more thankful that Ella Joy will be able to grow up in the United States with a family that cherishes her and that she will have endless opportunies.  One less orphan. 



  1. Love it!!!!! Mia makes crazy faces too. We will have to get the girls together. Maybe Mia and I can head your way this summer. It's not too bad a drive from Houston. :) would love to meet all the Jennifer's im Dallas area lol

  2. If I remember correctly( and you know how my memory is!).. I think the 3rd day was NOT the magic day for us either. But after that each day got better and better. Praying the same for y'all.
    I love the many faces of Ella. What a doll! .. And a stinker! I see that she's down to 1 flower! Is that her favorite now?:)

    1. Tell Eric he's a step ahead of Jon if she's not screaming her head off when he walks in the room!
      That's when he made me go workout so he could spend alone time with her in the playroom!

  3. Glad it is going so well!! She is just beautiful:)

  4. She is cracking me up!!!! Seriously, God picked the right family for her to be the baby in.. What fun those big boys are going to have... So glad you are enjoying her province!!!! Such an amazing gift for you to share with her one day... And, I think you will love Guangzhou!!! A little Texas heat, and some palm trees to make you feel like you are close to home!

    Can't wait to hear about the next Ella adventures!!!!


  5. P.S: I am going to have to invite myself on that Jennifer trip to DFW!!!! How fun would that be? :)

  6. Love seeing the pics and reading about your beautiful daughter!! Where's the turquoise bow today??

  7. Okay, let me see if I can get this to post. Love all the faces of Ella Joy, even if they are not exactly joyful 100% of the time. She has a full range of emotions and we are extremely happy that most of them are showing happiness and acceptance with you & Eric. We can't wait to hear about the travels toward home with Ella. Kiley has cried every night with happy tears. She keeps her teachers and classmates up-to-date every day about her precious little cousin! More to come, love to all!

  8. Hysterical! Showed Brooks the pics and he said "wow she has a lot of teeth!" Your kids are always cracking me up so Ella fits right in. Love P.

  9. OH MY!! Hilarious!! So Blessed. <3


  10. SO cute!!!! If you're getting that on day out!!!!! Those brothers are going to LOVE her!!! You'll love GZ!! One step closer to home :)

  11. Oh my gosh, those faces are soooo funny! She really is beautiful. What an amazing gift to be able to raise such a cute little peanut! God is good!