Friday, June 14, 2013


We have been home 2 weeks tomorrow! I really can't believe it.  I also can't believe I haven't posted yet about our fabulous homecoming!  With re-entry, we also had the last few days of school and then summertime so it's possible I have been busy!! I will post a few pictures today and again soon. Since I didn't have my camera, I am relying on my family and friends to send me the pictures they took at the airport.  HINT, HINT!! I know there were lots of flashes going off so come on friends!

Our little superstar arrived in style with so many people excited to see her. There were some friends that didn't make it because Eric and I surprised everyone and flew in 3 hours early! Sadly we missed them but we were thrilled to be home early.  All of that travel just seems like a distant dream now.  Thank goodness!

Ella is an amazing little creature.  She has adjusted beautifully to this crazy lifestyle and she is bonding with her brothers.  Just like siblings, the boys love her and brag on her, then get annoyed by her! I love it because that is just "normal"!

Connor and Ella

Connor & Grayson

first family of 6 photo-wow.  that seems like so many people!
our American citizen
group photo-cracks me up.  because this is true life with a bunch of kids and most of them boys!

We are blessed by so many people that love us and celebrated our girl.  Besides the above people, we had more friends that brought meals and came to meet Miss Ella.  There are more waiting for the dust to settle.  She is one LOVED orphan no more!
This weekend we will host our family for our annual Father's Day weekend and golf tourney tradition.  I am excited for the rest of my family to get to know Ella.  I mentioned before that we chose her middle name for the joy that I hoped she would bring our family after we lost our precious nephew, Clayton.  She has definetely brought us joy and she is easing the pain of missing him-especially on this special weekend.  The day after we came home my brother told me we named her perfectly.  In my jetlag state I didn't understand what he meant.  Then he told me "she is full of joy and laughter".  It is true, her heart if full of joy and she is filling our hearts with joy.  Perfect name for a perfect girl.


  1. I'm giving you till next week, then I'm coming over!!

    Nonie :)

  2. Agree the name fits her to a t just by looking at the smile on her little precious face & the sparkle in her eyes!!! It has been such a joy being able to be a part of you journey! I can now what the journey unfould as she grows up in such a loving family!! Sending many blessing to your family♥