Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We had an unexpected snow delay yesterday morning so I thought I would enjoy the slow down and catch up on some blogging.  I'm starting with our beach vacation we took in August! We went back to our favorite spot in Florida.  We've been going to Seaside since Connor was 4 and we try to go every year.  This momma gets cranky if we skip a year!  This summer is still up in the air-it all depends on when we will be traveling to China. One of our best family friends went with us this year. We are so blessed to have this family.We live on the same street and not by accident! Years ago I met Dena through a group of women from church I played pokeno with. When it was her turn to host I came home from her house and told Eric "we're going to live on that street some day!". I fell in love with this neighborhood and the bonus is that I would be living next to a great friend!(Little did I know that my favorite neighbor from my old neighborhood- Jen Coco-would move here too! How lucky am I?) So our families met when we moved here and hit it off perfectly! Her husband, Matt, built our house-and yes we're still friends! Their twin girls and our 3 boys love to be together.They are like brothers and sisters-they rarely have any disagreements, but if they do, they work it out between them. It is so amazing to watch the 5 of them-they can hang all together or they will break off in pairs.It's never the same pair either, they all have individual relationships with each other and as a group. Little Miss is a much anticipated addition!  I think the girls feel like they are getting a baby sister as well! I love it! Here are a few pics of The BEST week ever!
and just because he's the only son I have that poses for the camera now...

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