Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Small Steps

Small steps today....

The framers are here decking out the rest of our attic so we can move all of our treasures out of the walk in attic that will become a bedroom for our sweet little one! While we were building our house last year, our walk in attic turned out to be such a cool space that Eric had it insulated and prepped for a/c and electrical so we could build it into "something" later. We just didn't realize that "something" would become a little girl's room one year later! 

Our VERY LAST document needed to complete our dossier was hand delivered to the Chinese consulate in Houston today! As soon as they certify it and stamp it, we are officially DONE with the dossier! This is huge in the adoption world! The dossier is all of our paperwork, financials, home study, family photos, passport photos...pretty much our entire life, past and present, wrapped up in a nice red folder.  So what does this mean??? The minute it gets mailed to China (within the next two weeks), we are eligible for a referral! Which means they will start looking for the perfect child to become a Newberry!!


  1. Can't believe you're already to this point! You'll be holding her in your arms before you know it! Can't wait!

  2. Seriously!! You are trucking right along! Your boys are so adorable - I'm sure they will be awesome big brothers!

    1. Thank you!! I know! Just got docs back from consulate today and sent them overnight to CCAI! Hopefully the dossier will be mailed within two weeks!

  3. Hmmm. What was the first thing I said when I saw that space? Before the house was even done. Can't wait until you find my new niece!

  4. Kiley's 5th grade teacher asked her to attend a trip to Washington in June 2013. Before coming home and talking to me about it, she asked her teacher when the trip was. The teacher said it would be the 2nd week in June. Kiley, not knowing if that fell on Father's Day weekend, said she would have to wait because she was not going to miss meeting her new little GIRL cousin! I just cried when she came home to tell me. She does not want to miss meeting her!

  5. Wendy that is so sweet! I hope we are back with her before Fathers Day!